Our (12) themed rooms are creatively designed to fit your every mood – or create NEW ones! From slow and simmering to a fever pitch of frenzy; to unleash your animal instincts or tame them; here you may uncover the deep, dark Tribal rituals of your wildest imaginings or toss your libido upon the towering waves of the wet NURU massage. Ahhhh, feel the joy of release rush over you.

You may pre-book your massage into whichever room beckons to you or just go with the experience and let us surprise you. All rooms have the most suitable music and a luxurious, sexy shower  - to use BEFORE to prepare your body or AFTER to renew it! Unlike other Salons, our Jacuzzis are filled with fresh water for you, and every client, including UV filter jets, heaters and other accessories.

Now select your Nuru Beauty - and enter your desired playground.